The different types of reports exist to guide you in a general direction to find the information you need. For example, if you’re trying to balance your accounts, you’ll probably want to check out the Financial Items reports. Looking for extensive details about all your recent sales? Try the Orders reports.

We offer eight report types, as well as the Summary Exports section, which can be accessed from this page. While many report types share columns, the selected report type will affect the columns available, as well as the basic layout of the report (e.g., Tickets reports are based on tickets, Financial Items reports are based on the granular items that make up every transaction, etc.).

Click the tabs at the top of the page to browse the different report types:

  • Tickets. Reports focused on granular ticket-level information.
  • Orders. Reports with extensive details about your orders — basically everything you’d find on an Order Details page.
  • Financial Items. Specifically itemized reports of your financial info, including breakdowns of every item in every purchase transaction. Helpful for balancing your accounts!
  • Scan Logs. Exhaustive ticket scan and check-in/check-out history for any selected events.
  • Customers. Data on all of your customers. Perfect for building a quick marketing list.
  • Product Sales. Reports for analyzing sales of your products, merchandise, and non-ticket items.
  • Packages. Reports for digging into your event packages, conveniently itemized at the bundle level.
  • Application Forms. Access all submissions of your application forms in a single report.
  • Summary Exports. These are preformatted reports available for download. These reports are available for download only and are not customizable.

Note: Some advanced report types are limited to partners with access to those features. Contact if you need more information about a missing report type.

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