The next section of the Reports Overview page is a table that houses all of your saved reports (as well as queued reports explained below).

Each line lists basic info about each saved report and provides options to interact with them.

  • Star/Favorite. Click the star icon to mark a report as a favorite. These starred reports will appear first in your list.
  • Name. The title of the report. Also includes your report description, if you created one.
  • Author. The user in your account who originally created the report.
  • Last Run. The most recent time you or another user in your account ran the report.
  • Run Report. Click this button to open the report.

You can also sort these lists for easier browsing.

Reports Queue

Click this tab to view any reports you have sent to the queue. In this view, you can check the status of any of these pending reports.

Note: If you’re building massive reports with a great deal of orders, tickets, etc., your report may be temporarily sent to the queue. More details on this can be found in the Large Reports & the Queue.

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