The general Questions menu provides access to all of your questions, allowing you to apply or export reports for multiple questions at once.

You can also manage and apply questions on the Event Overview for any upcoming event. Questions can be found in the Event Details section on the Event Overview page. Shot on 2017-12-28 at 14:13:14-DkY.png


When selecting where these questions will appear, you have three basic options:

  • Per Price Level. Ask during checkout for selected events, only when a certain price level has been included in the order.
  • Per Event. Ask during checkout for selected events.
  • Global. Ask during checkout for all upcoming events.

About Global Questions: Global questions are applied across every event on your account, as well as all newly created events. As a result, you cannot edit these questions on an event-by-event basis. Do not select this option if you plan on creating an event wherein you will not want to ask a particular question.

To assign questions:

  • Select questions from the main Questions menu. Click Assign to... and select an option. If you choose Per Event or Per Price Level, you will be able to select events or price levels by using the Event Selection Widget.
  • Visit the Event Overview for any upcoming event. Click the Assign button for any price level or the event itself, and select questions to ask to customers of that price level or the entire event.
  • Choose how often you'd like your questions to be answered:
    • Once per Ticket: your question will be asked about every ticket in the cart. If you have 5 tickets in the cart, the question will be asked in regard to all five tickets (same question, five times.)
    • Once per Event: the question will be asked only one time for each event in the cart (ie: if the guest has 3 events, your questions will be asked 3 times)
    • Once per Sale: the question will be asked one time for the entire transaction no matter how many events or tickets you have in your cart.

Note: Questions can also be made to be required.


Click the Export icon to generate a report for an individual question's responses. Alternately, you can click the checkboxes to select multiple questions; then click the Export Selected Responses button that appears in the top of the menu.