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"Coupon" is the catch-all term to describe a code used to access a special offer on the ShowClix system. There are five basic types of coupons: discount, presale, automatic, complimentary and reserve.


Discount coupons are used for discount offers. These coupons are applied per ticket, and can be used online or at the box office. Discount coupons can be applied as a flat discount or a percentage taken off the total cost.


Presale coupons are used to grant access to event tickets prior to the officially designated date and time when tickets will be publicly available.


Automatic coupons are used to provide a discount when the total face value of tickets selected reaches the designated amount. For example, if you offer a $5.00 discount on orders of $100.00 or more, a customer receives the $5.00 discount once the order reaches $100.00 (not including fees).


Complimentary coupons are used to provide free tickets, by waiving the face value and all fees associated with the ticket. (The event organizer still incur back-end service fees on all comp tickets issued.)


Reserve coupons are used to save designated seats in an order. These coupons only apply to reserved seating events and are not associated with any discounts.


Access codes grants customers access to inactive or hidden price levels on an event listing. You can share your access codes with limited audiences to offer special pricing or private ticket types.  The most important thing to remember is that when using access codes, you need to build price levels that are hidden online before you can build an access code.

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