Enable Social Settings in your ShowClix account to promote social media sharing from your event listings.

Enter your event’s Twitter handle, Instagram account, and a custom event hashtag. You can also enable the RSVP feature to allow your ticket buyers to RSVP to your Facebook event. Additionally, enable the “Tell Your Friends” prompt to encourage customers to share your event on Facebook or Twitter.

Default Social Settings vs. Event Social Settings

Social Settings appears in two different locations in the Admin.

  • In the Marketing section, this feature manages the default links, etc. for all events and all newly created events in your account.
  • Alternately, to set event-specific settings and links, visit the Event Overview page for any event, and locate the Social Settings menu to customize details for that particular event.

Event Social Details

Event Social Details manages the (usually event-specific) social media info which will be displayed to the customer to encourage sharing and engagement.

  • Facebook Event ID / URL. This will create a link to the event's official Facebook Event or Facebook Page. The field can accept both a string of numbers representing the event's ID or a direct URL. (Note: You must click "yes" for Enable RSVP to Facebook Events in order to see the Facebook Event ID/URL)
  • Event / Organization Twitter. The official Twitter account of the event or the organization hosting the event.
  • Event / Organization Instagram. The official Instagram account of the event or the organization hosting the event.
  • Primary Event Hashtag. The event organizer's chosen hashtag used to promote the event and gather all relevant posts in a single location.

"Tell Your Friends" Prompt

The "Tell Your Friends" prompt appears at the top of the receipt page after tickets have been purchased. An optional pop-up window can be enabled to display as soon as the customer completes their purchase. The customer can easily dismiss this small window to access the receipt page. (Note: This pop-up does not open a new browser window or tab.)

  • Enable "Tell Your Friends." This setting must be activated to access the following menu options.
  • Enable Pop-Up Window. Add a small pop-up window for the prompt to appear on the receipt page.
  • Include Tracking Tag. Automatically generate a unique tracking tag when the event is shared.
  • Facebook Event RSVP. Enable to allow customers to RSVP to the official Facebook Event.
  • Default Tweet Text. The messaging that appears for customers to edit before sending their tweet and sharing the event. (Uses the following tokens which will automatically populate with the event's info: event, venue, and URL.)
    • Please note: The character counter is only an estimation and can be easily exceeded by included tokens.

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