The Event Overview displays important information about your event.

To visit an Event Overview, click the Events section in the Admin and then the View icon (or the event title).

The following options are available on each Event Overview:

  • Edit. Using the dropdown selector, edit any details associated with the selected step.
  • Delete. Remove the event listing. Only available if no tickets have been sold.
  • Pause Sales. Put ticket sales on hold. (Changes to Resume Sales if sales are currently paused.)
  • Duplicate. Create an identical single event instantly. Note: not available for event series
  • Send Invitation. Deliver email invitations to specific customers or lists. (Not all users have access to this feature. Contact for information.)
  • Admissions. Move your cursor over this button to browse links to relevant pages, including Export Guests, Barcode Search, Scan Log and Scan Stats.
  • Guest List. Access and manage your online list of attendees.
  • View Listing. View the live event page.
  • Add Favorite. Add this event to the Favorites section of your Dashboard.
  • Recent Activity. A quick look at recent ticket sales, revenue and conversion rate (of pageviews versus total sales). You can click the left column to switch between these three views and change your date range (within the past month, the last week or the last 24 hours) with the buttons in the top right. You can also mouse over the node for an individual date for a quick look at sales from that day. Metrics from sales within these time ranges also appear in the right column underneath the graph. Please note: this is simply a snapshot. The line graph does not reflect refunds or swaps and should not be used for reporting.

Price Levels

The Price Levels table displays inventory for all price levels associated with your event. Issued tickets (or sold tickets) have been successfully purchased and acquired by customers, while held tickets are currently selected in a customer's checkout process.

Event Stats

The Event Stats table displays a quick look at some basic information about the event, including inventory across all price levels and pageviews on the event's page.


The Questions menu allows you to manage questions for the event from this page. Click Assign in a particular price level's section to display a question during checkout when a certain price level is selected. Clicking Assign on the Event Questions section allows you to ask a question to every customer who purchases tickets.

In the Assign Once Per... column, you can also choose to ask these questions for every ticket on the order, or just once per order.

Global questions (i.e. questions that are applied to all events on the account) are also displayed in this menu, but these questions must be managed from the main Questions menu.


The Coupons table displays an overview of every coupon assigned to the event. The coupon's name and code are displayed, along with basic information such as the number of times the coupon has been used. Click Assign Coupon to add an existing coupon to the event.


The Templates table displays the event page's current template. For all events, the default template is used when an event is created. You can change the event's template by clicking Assign Template.