Need to create an event series now? Click here to get started.


  • Click the Events tab in the Admin.
  • Click the Create Event button.
  • Click Event Series.


On the first page of the event series setup, you can edit the major details about the first event in the series. You will set up the schedule in a later step. (Fields marked with an asterisk are required.)

  • Name. Enter the title of the event. This will be visible to any customers and visitors on your event pages.
  • Event URL. Enter a customized name to attach to the event series page URL. By default, this name is the event's title without spaces or punctuation (i.e.,
  • Select a Venue. From the dropdown selector, specify the venue where the event takes place. If the correct venue is not yet in the system, select the Create a Venue button (See Create a Venue for more details.)
  • Type of Event. Select the type of event: ticketed or registration. For registration events, this selection only affects the language during the checkout process (e.g., Register instead of Buy Tickets).
  • What kind of event is this? From the dropdown selector specify the category of event. This only affects the event's placement in general search results on ShowClix's event search index.
  • Event Listing Messaging. Specify if the event is Ticketed or Registration. This option affects some of the messaging your customers will see in the checkout process (e.g., "Register" or "Buy Tickets").
  • Age Restrictions. Select the applicable age restriction for admission to the event. If none exists, select All Ages. You can also select Other to specify a particular age.
  • Privacy Settings. Select each of the privacy options you wish to enable. These options determine the accessibility of the event information in search engines and the seller homepage.
  • Click Save & Continue to advance to Step 2: Inventory.