The error message explains that I'm not authorized to manage any Facebook Pages.

To manage our app for Facebook, you will need to have access to the Admin permission set for the Facebook Page you wish to manage. Please consult your Page's primary administrator or account owner if you do not currently have this permission active.

You may also receive this message if the app was connected to your Facebook Page by a different Facebook user. Until the app is disconnected from the Page, only that user will be able to uninstall the app. However, other users on the Facebook Page are still permitted to manage the app in the Customize menu.

I have the Admin permission set on my Facebook Page, but I'm still blocked from installing Facebook checkout.

When you first connect your ShowClix and Facebook accounts, you are prompted to accept and allow several sets of permissions on your Facebook account. If you do not accept all of these permission requests, it may cause problems with the installation of Facebook checkout.

To remedy this, we recommend completely disconnecting your ShowClix and Facebook accounts and then reconnecting them. Visit your Facebook account and go to the Settings menu. Click Apps and you should see a list of all of your connected third-party apps. Locate the ShowClix app (titled Share Event) and click the X to remove it.

Now, revisit the Facebook Checkout section of the ShowClix Admin and try again. (This time, remember to allow all requested permissions.)

How do I customize my ShowClix app for Facebook?

There are several options for customizing the appearance and functionality of each unique ShowClix app you're using on Facebook. First, you'll need to visit the Customize menu for your app — it's located in the Facebook Checkout menu in the Marketing section of the ShowClix Admin. Just click the Customize button in the menu adjacent to your connected Facebook Page.

From here, you can choose from a variety of options. Here's a quick breakdown:

  • Template. Open a list of your existing event listing template designs for the event calendar in the app. We include a default template design with a color palette that matches Facebook.
  • Currently selected. A preview of your current template design.
  • Min/Max Height. Define the height settings of the container of your ShowClix app for Facebook.
  • Show Template Header. Display the template's header in the ShowClix app. (You may want to consider disabling this setting, because your branding will clearly appear in the cover photo of your Facebook Page.)
  • Show Venue Name. Display the name of the venue for each event on the event calendar.
  • Override Event Templates. Force the template design chosen above to display (instead of an individual event's template design). In other words: if you select No, each event will use its template. If you select Yes, it will use the template you selected on this page.
  • Begin on Calendar View. Select whether to display the main event calendar view or a simple list of upcoming events.
  • Show Events List. Select whether to display the upcoming event calendar or a specific event. Click No to open the button to select a specific event.
  • Use Category Colors. Display events in our palette for event categories (concerts, fundraisers, etc.) on the event calendar. If you select No, the color palette will use the event template design's colors.
  • Tracking Tag. Enter a tag that will automatically apply to all orders processed through the Facebook app. This will allow you to track the amount of revenue you've generated through your ShowClix app on Facebook.