Order Details is the resource for every ticket purchase associated with your account. There is a unique page for each purchase, and it includes everything from receipt details to custom question responses. From here, you can also access info for specific ticket barcodes and check the scanning status of any tickets on the order.

https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/2r8n9hXj1XZKl_0NFCa-IxWlnmo4k77lxk2BqgHlLxA/IsRm3RS49MF9O5Zb0Hc3jW4cZiO4XLBTQfFwerWrxO8/Screen Shot on 2018-01-08 at 08:43:50-_KU.png

The tools section is found in the top left, and is organized into three categories: Tickets, Receipt / Invoice, and Edit Order.

Here's a quick breakdown of the tools:


Receipt / Invoice

  • ​Resend Order Confirmation
  • Send Event Reminder
  • View Receipt
  • Print Thermal Receipt
  • View Invoice

Edit Order

  • Add Additional Charge
  • Change Delivery Method
  • Issue a Refund
  • Void Entire Order

Please note: Some of these tools require you to enable other ShowClix features (e.g., thermal ticket printing requires the appropriate equipment and our printing app, Sidekick).

Can I check the status of an order?

Yes! The callout box shown below reflects the status of the order.

https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/2r8n9hXj1XZKl_0NFCa-IxWlnmo4k77lxk2BqgHlLxA/b-HtTGLidpxOItcbYdX0gtoD8v4yCdW6SJV-WikUKto/Screen Shot on 2018-01-08 at 08:44:40-W4I.png

Directly below the Tools section, you'll see a clear indication of the Order Status. Most commonly, this field will show you at a glance whether an order is completed, partially paid (for split tender, partially paid orders like a group sale, or payment plans), or voided, as well as whether there are any remaining balances to be paid. In addition, the Order Status will display prompts regarding any refunds or chargeback requests.

Order Info Column

The left column (or Order Info column) is comprised of five categories in collapsible dropdowns and includes a wealth of information which is displayed dynamically — this means that if something isn't relevant to a particular order, you probably won't see it. To dig into a particular section, just click the title or the arrow to expand it.

In the Receipt Details section, for example, you can quickly examine and add up the amounts on the right side to calculate your grand total, which is displayed at the bottom of the section.

Order Details Breakdown

Here is a breakdown of everything you'll find in this information column:

https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/2r8n9hXj1XZKl_0NFCa-IxWlnmo4k77lxk2BqgHlLxA/CCS2uoGpWAKjUd-3vCG8SJLgMXSBZmTKX-xXj8w-DkE/Screen Shot on 2018-01-08 at 08:45:23--cU.png

Customer Information

  • Member Name. The ShowClix customer account for which the order was placed.
  • Name on Order. The customer name used to place the order. (Uses the name found in the Customer Info during checkout, separate from the names found on each ticket.)
  • Email on Order. The email address used during checkout to place the order. Can be edited here by clicking the pencil icon.
https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/2r8n9hXj1XZKl_0NFCa-IxWlnmo4k77lxk2BqgHlLxA/VXKywh9CqfX4gzxwwRp2dsmfRMvWFP3-_4hUYh6rhvg/Screen Shot on 2018-01-08 at 08:46:00-hus.png

Order Information

  • Current Order Total. The total cost of all items associated with the order.
  • Event(s). The event(s) and event ID(s) for which the order was made.
  • Coupon. The coupon(s) applied to the order and the amount of each discount.
  • Order Started. The date and time when tickets were first added to the cart for the order.
  • Order Completed. The date and time when the order was finalized and the balance was completely paid.
  • Confirmation Number. The unique code shared with the customer to identify the customer's order.
  • Capture Method:
    • POS. a.k.a. Box Office. An order placed using the box office platform. There are four types of POS capture methods:
      • Phone
      • In Person
      • Email
      • Mail Order (May also appear as POS In Person.)
    • ShowClix Customer Care. An order placed over the phone by a ShowClix Customer Care representative.
    • Online/Phone. An order placed via the web
  • Processed By. The name of the organization or ShowClix representative who placed the order (only shown if order is placed via box office or by ShowClix customer care.)
  • IP Address. The online address of the machine used to place the order.
  • Comped Order. Designates that the order was complimentary. (Includes the reason given during the order.)
  • Tracking Tags. The tracking tag associated with the order.
https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/2r8n9hXj1XZKl_0NFCa-IxWlnmo4k77lxk2BqgHlLxA/llltROVvLl-z72wOmNFG34OTxNTkzMSCAJbaHtazfeI/Screen Shot on 2018-01-08 at 08:47:01-aNY.png

Receipt Details

  • Tickets. The subtotal of all tickets and their service fees.
  • All Tickets. The total of the face value of all tickets in the order.
  • Service Fees. The total of all service fees on all tickets in the order.
  • Products. The subtotal of all products and all product fees. (This section only appears if products are included in the order.)
  • All Products. The total of the face value of all products in the order.
  • Shipping. If applicable, the total of all shipping fees for the products in the order.
  • Service Fees. The total of all service fees on all products in the order.
  • Tax. The total sales tax applied to products included in the order.
  • Donations. The total of all donated contributions included in the order.
  • Discounts. The total of all manual discounts and coupons applied to order.
  • Additional Fees. The total of all additional or custom fees applied to the order. (Details can be found in the larger table on the right.)
  • Total. The grand total of the order.
  • Amount Paid. The total amount of payments the customer has contributed.
  • Amount Remaining. For split payments. The balance remaining to complete the order.
  • Refunds. The total amount of refunds processed for the order.
  • Chargebacks. The total amount of chargebacks processed against the order.
https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/2r8n9hXj1XZKl_0NFCa-IxWlnmo4k77lxk2BqgHlLxA/JYaMjqHVRpn6N1HtgiVV8-jt-x1uew8O5c2zYuvNBqI/Screen Shot on 2018-01-08 at 08:47:38-Yrg.png

Delivery Information

  • Delivery Method. The selected delivery method for the order. (Can be edited using the Change Delivery Method option found in the Tools section at the top of this page.)
  • On-Hold Message. Add or edit a message about the ticket's hold status.
  • Mobile Numbers. The phone number(s) associated with the order for mobile ticket delivery.
  • Shipping Address. The customer's address. A thumbs-up/thumbs-down indicates whether the address can be verified by our database.
  • Fulfillment Status. The status of the ticket's fulfillment.
https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/2r8n9hXj1XZKl_0NFCa-IxWlnmo4k77lxk2BqgHlLxA/DPIs7sDaa3JsKGHc6zs9LcuaLs8X-GJ5YXanQ88-rHk/Screen Shot on 2018-01-08 at 08:48:10-eHU.png

Order Notes

  • Add Note. Create a new note about the order.
  • Notes. For each note made, the note's author, the date and time of the note's submission, and the note itself.

Please remember: If you don't see one or more of these fields, it's probably just not relevant to the order.

How do I edit the customer name on a ticket?

We removed the Edit Names button and added a better way.

https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/2r8n9hXj1XZKl_0NFCa-IxWlnmo4k77lxk2BqgHlLxA/sqyqAu7zn4BPoYvdq244uTFETU1-zcWJzex28FOKnvs/Screen Shot on 2018-01-08 at 09:08:52-g-A.png

To edit a customer's name, just move your cursor next to the customer's name in the Tickets table. A small pencil icon will appear — click that icon, and you'll be able to edit the customer's name right inside the field. Click outside the field to save your entry.

Can I see if a ticket has been scanned?

Yes, we've added a checkmark icon to indicate scan status.

https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/2r8n9hXj1XZKl_0NFCa-IxWlnmo4k77lxk2BqgHlLxA/bDBPUY8ETZD7EJCvLQSO9SqiHC1QsLeREmbyrUzwIj4/Screen Shot on 2018-01-08 at 09:12:59-0fg.png

Located in the Tickets table, a green checkmark next to the barcode number will indicate whether a ticket has been checked in. This handy addition saves you a step — you'll no longer have to visit the Ticket Details page to check a ticket's status.

How do I void tickets?

You can void individual tickets or the entire order right from this page.

https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/2r8n9hXj1XZKl_0NFCa-IxWlnmo4k77lxk2BqgHlLxA/djvEGsgy8h9IlLmlJvQ0oIGiRnapHy8Xr3kdZtwfQ8Y/Screen Shot on 2018-01-08 at 09:18:07-5tg.png

We added a new column to the Tickets table for the Void button. Click the X icon to open a dialog box that allows you to void a specific ticket in an order. Want to void the entire order? Visit the toolbar at the top of the page and click Void Entire Order.

What are the tables on the right side?

We added several new info tables to outline additional fees, discounts and payments.

In addition to the improvements to the Tickets table mentioned above, we've also cleaned up the Additional Fees table and separated Discounts into a separate table. Finally, we added a table for Payments.

We've outlined a quick description of each table — please keep in mind that these tables are also dynamic, so they'll only appear if they're relevant to the order.


  • All tickets in the order, featuring the name on each ticket, the event, and the barcode number, as well as a breakdown of price levels, face values, and service fees.
  • Note: For any voided tickets (and products), a separate table is included, which includes the date and time when the ticket or product was voided.


  • All products in the order.
  • Note: See above note regarding voided tickets.

Additional Fees

  • All other fees (excluding service fees) associated with the order — including but not limited to delivery fees, taxes, and custom fees you've applied to the order.


  • All discounts applied to the order.


  • All transactions associated with the order. (This is especially useful for organizers who use payment plans, because it outlines details for each payment made toward the entire order.)

Questions & Responses

  • All custom questions answered for the order and their respective responses. (To export these responses, please visit the Summary Exports page and download the Custom Question Responses report.)