Please note: This article is intended for event organizers who process sales with their own merchant account. If you are not using your own merchant account, you can submit refund requests to If you are interested in processing sales with your own merchant account, please contact If you have purchased tickets from ShowClix and want to know more about our refund policy, please call our customer care center at 1-888-718-4253.

An important note about refunds:

A refund cannot be processed against a credit card payment until the funds have settled. This process may take up to three business days after payment is made, depending on which payment gateway was used. You may still submit the refund, and the system will process the refund automatically after the funds have settled. You will be notified via email when the refund has successfully processed.

Issuing Refunds
Refunds are issued from any Order Details page. Move your cursor over the Edit Order button and click Issue a Refund. (Please note: Voiding an order and refunding an order are two separate processes.)

Total Refunds

  • Service Fees. You can choose whether to include service fees when issuing the refund. (This option only includes your seller-level Service Fees. All other monetary fees, such as Custom Seller Fees, Delivery Fees, etc. are included when refunding the entire order.)
  • Note. Enter a note about the refund.

Partial Refunds

This option allows you to sort the various levels, tickets, products, fees, and transactions associated with the order. For each option, you may choose to refund a specified portion of each line item. You have the following options for issuing refunds:

  • Payment. The payments for the order selected.
  • Event. The total tickets, total products, service fees, and any Custom Fees for each event included in the order.
  • Ticket. All individual tickets and associated service fees.
  • Product. All products and associated fees.
  • Advanced. All items associated with the order.

Partial Refund Presets
As noted above, when issuing a partial refund, you can select presets for 100%, 50% or 25% of the order total. You can also select to include All Service Fees or No Service Fees.