Swapping tickets (GA and Reserved Seating) is done by admin users, not by customers. For information on self-service ticket exchanges, processed by customers themselves, please see our Exchange help articles.

Note: Ticket swap permission is set by ShowClix users. If you do not see this feature in your account, please contact clients@showclix.com for information.

For info on swapping reserved seats, please click here.

From the order details page, select the "Tickets" drop down menu and choose "Swap Tickets."

Click to open the dropdown to find the event that you want to swap tickets to and select the event, and if a series, the date and time.

For each ticket that you want to swap, select the price level that you are swapping to.

Choose whether to notify the customer of the swap by email. Then. click "Save & Continue."

You may see a warning message if the ticket has a differnt cost or if the ticket has already been scanned. You can choose to cancel the swap or to continue. If you choose to continue, the swap will complete and you will be redirected back to the order details page where you can see that your swap has finalized.