Upsell is a feature that allows sellers who are selling multiple events concurrently to encourage their customers to add additional events onto their order.

Customer Experience

  • Upsell occurs on the order confirmation page under a section labeled "Add another event."
  • The various events being upsold will be teased to the customer by showing a brief blurb about each along with a button labeled "Get Tickets."
  • Once this button is selected, additional information about the event will be shown, notably its price levels and products being upsold.
  • At this point, the customer can select how many of each they would like and click a button labeled "Add to order for just $X.XX."
  • Upon clicking, a request for the tickets and products will be sent to the server and the page will be reloaded with the new order.
  • The events being upsold will now change based on the new order.

Admin Experience

  • To begin upselling events, go to the cart-mode page (available under Settings once the user's Cart Mode permission has been set) and set both "Cart Mode Enabled" and "Upsell Enabled" to yes. Because tickets to multiple events will be on a customer's order, cart mode must be enabled for this feature to be available.
  • Just below the cart mode settings will be a section titled "Event Upsell." Select which events you want to upsell.
  • Once an event has been selected, an entry for it will appear in the table.
  • At this point, if "Upsell Enabled" is yes, the event will immediately be upsold to customers purchasing tickets (with the upsell price for each price level and product defaulted to their online price).
  • To refine which price levels and products will be shown to the customer, click "Select Price Levels" and "Select Products," respectively, which will open a module allowing you to specify exactly what they want to upsell and at what price.