Please note: Ticket Insurance is a required feature for clients processing on the ShowClix credit card gateway. Clients processing on their own gateway may be eligible to contract with Ticket Guardian. Please email for an introduction to Ticket Guardian.

Basic Insurance Information

Ticket insurance primarily covers a ticket purchase from unexpected situations — including vehicle accidents, injuries, illnesses, or legal obligations — which prevent the customer from attending an event. A complete list may be found in TicketGuardian's terms and conditions [see Covered Perils].

ShowClix is proud to partner with Ticket Guardian and ticket insurance offers a number of benefits to both the ShowClix client and the end customer.

Increased advanced sales. Customer confidence in the flexibility of the ticket purchase can minimize apprehension over early purchases, which in turn can lead to increased sales.

Decreased number of chargebacks, refunds and bank fees. Because the financial liability for the refund is shifted to TicketGuardian (not the event organizer), the organizer’s risk of chargebacks (and the bank fees associated with them) is also drastically reduced.

There is no cost to you (in fact, you will make more money). For all tickets refunded through insurance claims, the organizer keeps the income from the original purchase AND restores their inventory (the ticket is immediately voided), allowing them to bring in additional revenue from the same ticket.

What is not covered by ticket insurance?

Ticket insurance does not cover event cancellations, performer lineup changes, or a customer’s change of heart, along with many other scenarios.

Please remember: TicketGuardian covers situations that prevent the ticket buyer from attending — not situations that affect the event itself. Again, the full list of situations that are not covered may be found in TG’s terms and conditions.

Admin Resources

To identify if a customer has purchased insurance, please visit the Order Details page. If the customer has purchased insurance, the fee will appear as a line item in the Fees table. (Note: We do not currently support the ability to identify customers who have explicitly declined insurance.)

All typical actions on the order may be completed as normal; however, refunds, customer name changes, and ticket swaps will automatically void a customer's standing insurance policy.

Claims and Refunds

When a customer successfully claims a policy and refunds their order, a note will be left on the customer’s order record. Also, the customer’s ticket(s) will be automatically voided.

The customer, the client, and the ShowClix Finance team will all receive an email confirmation when a claim has been successfully processed.

Please note that ShowClix clients are not responsible for any refunds on behalf of TicketGuardian or the insurance claims.