Requesting an Exchange

This section details the process of a customer exchanging a ticket.

1. Customer signs in to My Tickets.

Tip: In addition to the section found in an upcoming event in My Tickets, customers may directly navigate to the exchange menu from a link found in order confirmation emails.

2.   Locate the event you want to exchange and click  to open the event’s details.

3.   Scroll down to the section labeled Tickets. Click the Exchange Tickets button to start a new request.

4.   Select all tickets that you’d like to exchange and click the button to proceed. (The custom policy messaging that you wrote during setup will appear on this step.)

5.   Select whether to exchange tickets for a new ticket type or a new date/showtime entirely. (If you clicked Exchange ticket type, skip to step 7.) 

Note: Eventually, the ticket exchange flow will support exchanging tickets between events. At this time, only exchanges within a single event or between showtimes in a single event series are supported.

6.   Using the calendar provided, click the new date you want to attend. A dropdown with available times on that date will appear. Click your preferred time, then Continue.

7.   For each ticket, select a new ticket type.

Customer Note: Only ticket types of the same value with available inventory will appear in each dropdown, so having a ticket type for your first event does not guarantee the availability of that ticket type for your new event.

8.   Click Continue to review your exchange details. The elements of your order that will be different after the exchange are highlighted. Once you’ve reviewed, click Submit Request to finish your exchange.

9.   You will receive a confirmation of your request via email. 

10.  Depending on the organizer and event, your request may be processed immediately. Regardless, when the organizer has reviewed your request, you will receive another email about the status (i.e. whether accepted or denied), and if it was accepted, a new order confirmation containing your new tickets and a new confirmation number.

Customer Note: After an exchange has processed, the previous order’s tickets will no longer be valid for entry. If you are using a print-at-home delivery method, this means that you need to print out your tickets from the new order. Similarly for mobile tickets, open the new order confirmation when arriving at the event to ensure you present the correct tickets.